Movie Review: Feast II - Sloppy Seconds (2008) October Horror Fest (26)

When I watch the first I wanted to see the second because I really enjoy the premises. I must say from the start that if you are reading my review BEFORE watching all three movies, then stop at the first. The Second and Third and not that good when compare with the first.

Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds

In this one we follow Biker Queen the twin sister of Harley Mom (from the first movie) who after finding out that her sister was killed went on a revenge. She finds the Barterer alive (also from the first movie) who says it was beasts but she doesn't believe him and then he said it was Bozo. They went to his town (her  and other bikers).

There are also a pair of Mexican wrestlers midgets called Thunder and Lightning. Another survivor is Hobo (arrested after dealing methamphetamine). There is also a car dealer guy called Slasher that wants to find out that her wife is cheating on him.

All hell breaks loose and most citizens are killed. Slasher finds his wife (Secrets) fucking in the car he is escaping with the top dealer (Greg) of his company. All three of them barricade inside a house.

In the next day the biker gang arrive at the city to search for Bozo's house and they cross path with the three survivors. Meanwhile one of the biker girls is killed by the monsters. They all leave the house going separate ways. The gang and the bartender go to Bozo house just to find Honey Pie (from the previous movie) alive but Bartender beats the crap out of her because she had run off living all the first movie survivors to die. Then he throws her to the window but she doesn't die.
slasher, greg, secrets, biker girl, honey pie, biker queen, tat girl, tit girl, bartender and lightning (where's thunder?)

Slasher, Greg and Secrets receive a call from the Mexican wrestlers and the rest of the biker gang all buckle up in one place.

They realize that the only good place in town it's the jail and so the wrestlers go make one in a store. Meanwhile a comic dissection begins as Greg starts to cut a monster but after all receive farts, piss and sperm
he stops touching the beast, not before injuring the wrestlers grandmother. As he is about to stop he touches something on the beast that acts as an alarm and the monsters appear yet again. All survivors, including the wrestlers go to top of the garage.

As they are buckle there they hear a child but nobody do nothing. In the morning Greg goes to save the baby but his plan backfire and he sacrifices the baby to the monsters...

Honey Pie the other survivor is inside a store and is ambushes her. Meanwhile the group sacrifices another biker girl (Splat Girl) so they can built a catapult using the bikers girls clothes (from this moment on two biker girls are naked). They first throw the wrestler's grandmother who was gravely wounded killing her outright - but landing on the top of the police station. They try again with Thunder but this time he is thrown into the street and his disemboweled by the monsters. Greg is hurt when a pipe from the catapult explodes and he is stuck with a pipe from the mouth to the skull (didn't kill him though). Lightning then goes inside a trash can to the police but Hobo throws some dynamite and stuns hims. The shrapnel hits Honey Pie who was leaving the city falling to the floor apparently dead. The others watch as the monsters begin breaking the door. Honey Pie gets up grabs her gun and screams...

The movie ends...

This movie is incomplete. Unless you are planing to watch movie three don't watch this one. It's so incomplete that the third movie follows right after the second with scenes from it. If I was to watch the second in the cinema I would be very very upset.

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