Movie Review: The Happening (2008) October Horror Fest (02)

Well this was my second film of my October Horror Fest. I don't know if this is truly horror but more of sci-fi thriller with some psychological terror.

Just so you know... Terror is usually described as the feeling of dread and anticipation that precedes the horrifying experience. By contrast, horror is the feeling of revulsion that usually occurs after something frightening is seen, heard, or otherwise experienced. Did you know it?

Well, the Happening is a movie by M. Night Shyamalan and you all know what others movies he made... I think I watch them all... Praying with Anger was the first and probably the only one I don't know If I watch it.... I watch Wide Awake (bah), The Sixth Sense (awesome movie), Stuart Little (The animated Rat), Unbreakable (Good movie), Signs (Another Good one), The Village (Already watch two or three times, really enjoy it), Lady in the Water (Watch it in the cinema, enjoy it), The Happening (Making a review), The Last Airbender (I enjoy it but unfortunally the critics did not and so no trilogy for us, based on manga), Devil (Awesome horror movie in an elevator), After Earth (With the Smith Family was the only one I didn't watch but I am going to it..), The Visit is another awesome terror movie with an unpredictable ending) and now he is making Split which should be a Psychological Horror Thriller. In terms of series he made Wayward Pines which I really enjoy the first season but didn't care much for the second one... I made a review...

Well, in the beginning two friends are talking in Central Park and suddenly a Mass Suicide. We never get to understand why one of the females does not become affected. Living in Philadelphia Elliot tries to escape the City with the wife Alma and their friends Julian and daughter Jess. They got on a train that stops suddenly in a small town where they learn that what happened in New York is spreading throughout the East Coast of USA. First they think it's bio terrorism but later discarded that option and think it's nature doing (with some believing it was the Government doing).

Elliot, as a teacher soon understands there is a padron. First it stroke major cities, then smaller and smaller cities until it can target small group of people. They arrive in non-charted town where a strange woman takes them in but she becomes quite unfriendly and later on, while praying outside gets the neurotoxin and commits suicide.

Alma and Jess are in one house and Elliot in another. Elliot says to Alma that if he is to die then he should be with her and leave the house but nothing happens and they get together.

Three months later they are living in a city with the adopted Jess (her father and mother died). We watch in the news a scientist (i think) saying it was a nature event. The plants and such can't defend themselves so they produce those neurotoxins making people kill themselves. The commentator scorns his idea saying that may be true if it happened anywhere else. Since it was confined to that place it was most probable a Government experiment gone wrong.

The end movie we are transported to France where the same thing happens in a garden on the louvre.

This movie begins with a fast pace but then slows to a halt and we are left in the end with a feeling of unccomplishment (don't know if it's a actual word but you get it, right?).... And why do you ask?

Well, the movie starts okay but we never learn why some people were not affected by the neurotoxin. Maybe they are immune? I know that with every deadly plague or virus there are always those are immune - so that's not a problem.

Then the movie was to fast in  my opinion never letting us care about the characters that much. I don't even understood Alma and Elliot relationship and Alma's Betrayal of some sorts? Whatever... Couldn't care less.

Jess is just there. She is not that participant and just exists... Their father was one I enjoyed and he killed himself - harsh.

Then why the localized neurotoxin? OK, This is a Night's movie and he do that. He makes think and give ourselves our own idea of the movie and reasons. Maybe it was the goverment, maybe it was nature... I truly believe it was Nature. Nature can do that sort of things. She can protect herself and with which passing year more diseases are appearing (some man-made) and I think it's Gaia's way of cleasing. We, humans are needed on this earth. We have many parasytes and harmful things inside us. But they are controlled. When they become chaotic we become sick. I see humans that way on Earth...

Well, I enjoy the movie, I think everyone should see it... Remember Lyngbya majuscula
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