Movie Review: Nightflyers (1987) October Horror Fest (08)

Nightflyers is a novella George RR Martin wrote in 1980. It was then make a movie in 1987.  I've never read the story but since it's Horror time and I wanted something more sci-fi slash horror this one got my attention. 

I must say I find too much similar to Arthur's C Clarke's - 2001: A Space Odyssey from the late 60's. 

They have the same plot, albeit other things diverge. But I am not here to talk about the novella but the movie. 

A bunch of people are going on an expedition to find some strange signals that may lead to beings older than the universe. The ship itself is commanded by only a captain and off they go. From the start things start go wrong but nobody knows why is it. But there is a psychic fellow who says that the ship is alive and it's trying to kill them. The rest of the crew says it's the captain. The female protagonist, who have seen the holographic image of the captain and has express that he would like to leave the ship says nothing.

It's the 80's - deal with it.
From this moment on (40 minutes into the film) several things happened. The Captain, being a clone of the former ship woman-captain, knows that the ship is trying to kill it's passengers and tries to destroy the core of the ship. Somehow the mind of ship transfers to the psychic who went berserk and tries to kill the female protagonist - since the captain is  enamored by her.

The rest of crew, are being killed off, one by one. In the end they destroy the ship and only the Captain and the female protagonist escape. The End.

Yeah, this is it. It's 2001 Space Odyssey. The difference is that one is a IA and the other is a organic computer made by the former Captain. Both try to kill their passengers but for different reasons. There are similarities and everyone will think of the other movie.

This movie is not good. I cannot in good conscience say it's good. First the ship itself. There are stone walls with stone pillars. It's a temple and one protagonist says it. No ship would be built like that - that's my opinion. And then their clothes... Oh my god. So eighties. I know this movie is from the eighties but they should have given a futuristic feel to the clothes but no... Their pants, their hair, their glasses.. Enfin... 

And what a hell was that mist? All movie we have this insane mist - why? What a heck? Why the ship needs it?

This ship it's so vast - but so empty - why all those lights?
Btw, what about the cover? Besides the initial information they are looking at some beings - the movie ends without any information regarding them..

Should I advice it? No - unless you want to watch a sci-fi (almost no horror) movie from the 80's where special effects were growing in existence..

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