Movie Review: The Pulse (2006) October Horror Fest (01)

So it begins my October Horror Fest where I will try to watch, read or play 31 things of Horror. Don't know if it exists but I call it dibs... 

My first movie was The Pulse a movie from 2006.

Pulse a remake from a japanese horror film called Kairo.

You've got Mattie (Kristen Bell from Spartan, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, & Veronica Mars & Gossip Girl), Dexter, Isabelle "Izzie", Stone (Rick Gonzalez from the TV Series Reaper)and Josh.

Something happened to Josh in the library while searching for a friend called Zeigler - A phantom maybe entered his body? Something like that... At the same time, the girlfriend (Mattie) complains their relationship is through message only and can't get him on the phone. She went to his apartment and he was totally alienated and prontly killed himself.

When Mattie is talking with her friends in a chat, Josh's enter the conversation saying "help me". They soon decided that it was a virus and should be eradicated. One of her friends (Rick) go alone (honestly? Didn't they see any horror films??) to turn off the PC.

Stone sees a electronic humanoid spirit of some sorts...

Dexter McCarthy watches some weird videos on Josh computer (after buying it from someone) which he bought several days before - Do you want to meet a ghost?

Later on she receives three red tapes with a phrase saying "It keeps them out, don't know why?" Dexter shows them to Mattie and she freaks out asking it to erased it but it seems he cannot do it.

The TV News are calling it suicide epidemic...
Soon there are almost no students in the class.

Josh let it loose the virus after hacking Ziegler system. Hacking is bad people. That's one lesson...

Afterwards, Mattie sees her friends kill themselves and meet Dexter who later learn that Josh was trying in a virus. They meet Zeigler and later on try to insert the virus on the mainframe.

Zeigler explains that they discover beings in other wavelength and they released it. They insert the virus in the computer but the system reboots and everything stays the same. Later on they escape the town into the wild but the things appear... They escape the beings to a no-mobile-wi-fi area... The movie ends afterwards...

I enjoy the movie but I thought somethings felt unrealistic or at least sound flat. First the girl. The girl sees her boyfriend die but in the end of the movie is holding hands with another... Then these beings. They try to explain but why only a computer would kill all those beings? The beings use wi-fi and mobile services to "exist", so possible every computer is connect and they didn't need to go to a particular computer... What about the red tape? I know that it must be because of the wavelength but they never fully explained it... Maybe in second and third movie.

Nevertheless it's a fun entertaining movie with some interesting concepts. Some horror involved, no sex or nudity, fast paced and some good acting. Good special effects. Watch it. You not gonna be disappointed...
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