Movie Review:Blackburn (2015) October Horror Fest (07)

 Well... Almost catch up to one per day post. Let us see if I can do it.
I watch this movie last night, when all lights were out and my wife was sleeping. I wanted something not so complicated because it was very late. With 1h25 it was the right amount of time. 

This is what IMDB says about the movie...

A forest fire and rock-slide trap five bickering college friends in a small Alaskan ghost town with a horrifying history. When they seek refuge inside the torched ruins of Blackburn Asylum they must fight to survive as the angry inhabitants slaughter the friends one-by-one.

With 3,7 rating I didn't expect much... and I was right.

Jade, Chelsea, Luke, Luke and Ryan
Basically you've got some good friends who go on a trip to Alaska. Jade, Shaun, Chelsea, Ryan and Luke. We've got some basic horror hillbilly movie. There's no much terror per se. It's more gore and such. The five friends are travelling in Alaska and both roads that lead to their cabin are cut and so without gas they must pass the night outside. They encounter a cabin where two spooky twin old women live. They sell some stuff and warn them against going into the mine. They go the mine, of course, where they encounter a abandoned car. As teenagers (20's?) they are unafraid and just want an adventure. They went inside the mind hear a voice of a child. They split (honestly? Such cliche) and Ryan (which is Jade's boyfriend) cheats with Chelsea which in turn dates Ryan. Of course they were caught. Btw, Shaun is a college TA and he loves Jade (or at least it's interested in her and her on him so his boyfriend cheating on her was a good thing).

Well, Luke goes away after discovering the cheating couple (honestly? Again with the split up - even after discovering a body? - damn...) and he is killed by the crazy inmates led by Mary, a bitch that burn down the asylum after her baby died at childbirth - killing everyone. Of course a plot-hole - honestly? What a heck, nobody from the health departure, police, fireman went to find them? And who the fuck builds a loony asylum on top of a mine? - That mine BTW, was used in several syfy movies...

The Killing Shot....
The gang return to the twins so they can call the police. Of course Ryan stays behind because he is a dumb-ass and stay alone in a spooky place where they discovered bodies... After returning to the twin's place they try to contact the police but the two loonies kill the twins and try to capture the friends and a run begins...

They are eventually capture and beautiful perfect Chelsea is killed by Mary. Jade and Shaun in the end kill the inmates and burn down the place (again). The end they stay together (ooh so sweet, just after your boyfriend and closest friends being killed and she find out that she was being cheated on...) 

They escape with the child from the beginning. We saw in the end, Mary alive with two female inmates taking care of her. And one of the boys wasn't killed after all - Ryan.

Those are the selling points of this movie...
I think my comments in-between the synopsis say it all, no? This is a dumb-ass movie with less than a plot that syfy movies. Dumb actions and everyone acts in a very cliche way. Honestly? There are better movies out there. - There is no nudity besides those two breasts - I mean, it's Alaska why does she have to be dress like that? Stop selling woman Hollywood...  Nevertheless the only redeeming quality of this movie. 


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