Review: Dragonmage - Chris Wraight

Title - Dragonmage
Author - Chris Wraight
Year - 2011
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone (Part two of three indepedent novellas about Storm of Magic)
Pages - 124
Reading Time - July 2011

I've read Masters of Magic (here) by Chris and two short stories (here) and (here) and to me I think he is an excelent writer, and one that I enjoy reading.

This is the second book on the trilogy of novellas penned by three of the most interesting writers noawadays writing for Warhammer (Fantasy). The first was reviewed here These novellas links to the new expansion on the warhammer tabletop game called Storm of Magic where magic is running amok. Wizards are more powerful, giant beasts ravage the lands and everything can happened..

This tale is set on a island (Ulthuan) and on the Sea. Razumov was on plains/forest (Empire)and the sands (Tomb King lands), and the Hour of Shadows was in a forest/mountain (Athel Loren).

As the Phoenix King of the high elves nears death there are war on the horizont. After a disastrous battle both participants try to achieve the goal to become the next Phoenix King. Lord Rathien of Caledor seeks the aid of the dragon (even if he is not a dragon lord) and in other end Prince Valaris of Ellyrion aided by a naïve mage wants to harness the power of magic that will allow him win.

It's interesting as the chapters go and we see what each party is seeing. I really enjoy reading about the dragons and dragon fighting. We've got here some interesting battle scenes and the epilogue was very good.

In overall another great tale and in my opinion of the three there isn't one that is all that above other. They are equivalent and I enjoy reading them. Chris Wraight is great writer. 8.5/10
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